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Shake It Up

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The Brief Shake it Up is a non alcoholic cocktail brand that wanted their brand identity to reflect the burst of flavour you get from their drinks. Their brief stated that they want their cocktails to look as though they’ve come straight from the bar, so that is what we did. The brand is refreshing… Read More »Shake It Up

Colour Psychology

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What is Colour? In physical terms, colour is what is emitted from an object when light reflects off it. In design, colour can be measured visually by the saturation, hue, value and chromaticity. A colour can evoke a specific reaction from a target audience. A colour scheme is a combination of colours used in a… Read More »Colour Psychology

A Good Boy

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A Good Boy is a dog food company that wanted a rebrand. They needed a new packaging design for their Christmas treats and dog food.

KB’s Childcare Services

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KB Childcare Services came to CS Creative looking for a brand identity for a new business venture. Karen sent me a rough sketch of what she was after for her business. She stated she wanted a cartoon style, featuring three children and herself, her car and her pup. After studying the sketch Karen sent over,… Read More »KB’s Childcare Services

Hollie Price Beauty

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Hollie Price Beauty Training Academy Hollie came to CS Creative with an idea of what she wanted. Her chosen colour scheme was nude, black and gold. After our first few discussions, we decided the best colour choice would be a charcoal grey, champagne and nude.

Colour Theory

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Colour Theory Explained: Colour theory is a collection of guidelines created for designers to follow.  Colour helps communicate to the target audience by creating visually appealing colour schemes.  Colour can evoke a specific emotion from the audience so it is very important to have a good understanding of colour. The Basics: The Colour Wheel: The Colour Wheel… Read More »Colour Theory