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CS Creative Graphic Design

CS Creative is a freelance graphic design agency based in the West Midlands. Our main area of focus is branding & brand identity, editorial & brochure design and illustration.

The service provided at CS Creative is bespoke and tailored to the needs of each business. Take your business to the next level by investing in your brand.

Graphic design is a major part of every day life, yet not many people know it. From the road signs you see on your journeys out to the website you are reading this on now, graphic design is everywhere.

Here at CS Creative, the type of graphic design we focus on is branding and brand identity for businesses and campaigns. We also have experience in editorials and illustrations, which fit in nicely with brand identity.

Creating a bespoke identity for businesses. Your brand identity reinforces the reputation of your company and attracts new customers as well as satisfying your existing customers. It is the face of your business. Invest in your brand.

Specialising in publication. Designing books, magazines, catalogues and brochures internally and externally, to create an appealing visual aesthetic to gain interaction.

Digital illustrations can convey emotion, present ideas and tell stories. Illustration can play a massive role in advertising as it can be unique to the specific company or campaign.

How does CS Creative Work?

There is a lot more research and development that goes into our design projects than people realise.

As designers, we have to take the time to learn about our clients brand. This includes researching their target audience, brand values, brand missions and goals.

We also like to know what works already with our clients brand (if they’re already established), and what doesn’t.

We also dive into competitors branding to get an understanding on what works for them and how we can set our clients brand above the rest.

From the information gathered, we will then roughly illustrate the first set of logos ready to be sent to our client, along with colour pallets and typography. This helps the client visualise the logo designs better and understand what they want.

The next stage is the development and designing stage. After discussions on which of the logo sketches they like, we move into Adobe Illustrator to create the more advanced logos. This is where the magic happens.

Once a few different logo designs have been designed, they get sent to the client yet again. Once another discussion has taken place, the final logo should be underway. Revisions will be made until the logo is complete and professional. We then move onto the rest of the branding.

“Providing bespoke visual solutions to help build effective and meaningful brands through high quality and creative design work”

Our Mission Statement.

“They are the best at what they do. I always put my trust in CS Creative, the logos always come out looking amazing!”

– Hollie Price