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What Makes a Good Business?

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The corporate identity of your business plays a strong factor when it comes to success, as it is the face of your business. Having a unique and strong identity can form trust between the business and customers. Corporate identity can include:

  • Branding
  • Colour
  • Typography
  • Visuals
  • Website

Customers are less likely to be attracted to a business if their corporate identity and branding is dated and unsightly, as this will be reflected onto the company.

Brand identity includes:

  • Name
  • Logo
  • Slogan/theme line
  • Colour scheme
  • Business cards
  • Letter head
  • Flyers
  • Brochures

Your target audience will recognise your business through your brand identity. They will get an idea on what to expect from your business through how professional your corporate and brand identity is. Having a strong brand identity means it will leave a memorable impression on your customers. This encourages customers to return to your business and also recommend it to other people.

The logo is the most important aspect of branding as it is how customers will recognise you. Your logo will give the first impressions of your company. Having a professional and unique logo will create a positive impression. Logo’s can build up trust between the customer and the business by informing the customer what the business is willing to provide and how this will benefit them. Quick and careless logo will defer customers.