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brand design

Why is Branding Important?

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What is Brand Identity? The brand identity of a business is much more than just the logo, colour scheme and typography. It includes more in-depth aspects such as the mission statement, brand values, aims and the main idea of your business. The aim of a brand is to be memorable and stand out against competitors.… Read More »Why is Branding Important?

KB’s Childcare Services

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KB Childcare Services came to CS Creative looking for a brand identity for a new business venture. Karen sent me a rough sketch of what she was after for her business. She stated she wanted a cartoon style, featuring three children and herself, her car and her pup. After studying the sketch Karen sent over,… Read More »KB’s Childcare Services

Hollie Price Beauty

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Hollie Price Beauty Training Academy Hollie came to CS Creative with an idea of what she wanted. Her chosen colour scheme was nude, black and gold. After our first few discussions, we decided the best colour choice would be a charcoal grey, champagne and nude.

What is Graphic Design?

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Graphic Design Explained: Graphic design is all around us, whether you notice it or not.  From billboards to shop signs and posters on the side of buses to the logos you wear on your clothes, we are surrounded by design.   The definition of graphic design is ‘the creation of visual content which communicates ideas and messages… Read More »What is Graphic Design?


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GLUGG. is an alcohol brand that features an explosion of taste, hence the fire used throughout the branding. The target audience for this drink is 18-30 year olds. The type of people who enjoy strong but fruity beverages. The drink features a high percentage of alcohol, which is why it is branded as ‘not for… Read More »GLUGG.